Carminati Srl
Shaped pipes

Carminati Srl has been manufacturing made-to-measure pipes for all sectors for over half a century. Our experience and our professionalism are ensured by a shopfloor with specialized technicians and cutting-edge machines and enable us to meet any customer requirements.

Working from a drawing, we generally make double-walled, copper-plated and galvanized shaped pipes that are up to 12 millimetres in diameter. We also manufacture products on request with a greater diameter. Our shaped pipes are suitable for low, medium and high pressure.

This business that has now been run by four generations of the same family is a byword for continuity and enables us to have a direct, buoyant relationship with each customer, who discovers in Carminati Srl a partner dedicated to his needs who has the required flexibility to supply an excellent product within the agreed times.

Our industrial structure combines workshop and manufacturing expertise and is able to supply shaped pipes for a vast variety of functions, including pipes for brake and clutch systems, for injection systems, for hydraulic systems, for cooling circuits, conditioning and much else besides.





Shaped pipes

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